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  • BMW3SeriesF30
For those of you who love classy cars with elegant minimalist designs, the BMW 3 Series F30 can be the best choice. This series is a series of sixth generation BMW cars. Its production began in 2011 and until now, cars with the series are still being produced.

BMW F30 has a variety of models. The first is a four-door sedan model with a F30 naming code. Then, a five-door touring model with a naming code F31. There is also a five-door fastback model called F34 (also known as Series 3 Gran Turismo). And finally, a four-wheelbase four-door sedan model. Especially the last model, the sales area is only in China.

The F30 model is the first generation car of the third series which is armed with a three-cylinder engine, turbocharged and electric power steering. This makes the engine smoother and also more comfortable to use. This car was produced in 2012-2018 before finally being replaced by the G20.

BMW 3 Series F30 appearance

The front of the BMW F30 uses fog lamps that look tapered and make this car have a sexy impression. Meanwhile, the side of the car seems standard and not as high as the front.

Then, the back of this car has a compact shape and looks great. This back seems to be a balancer of the pointed and flat front.

The interior design itself looks bold with several updates such as for example on the iDrive 6.0. The unique design of the BMW F30 was designed by Christopher Weil.

Mainstay Car Engine

The BMW 3 Series F30 uses a turbocharged engine. Cars with gasoline / petrol charging types have three types of engine codes.

The engine with the N55 code uses a six-cylinder configuration, a four-cylinder N13 engine, and a four-cylinder N20 engine as well. After the facelift process in 2016, there was an update related to the engine with the 3-cylinder B38-configured, four-cylinder B48 and six-cylinder B38.

Then, the diesel model has several types of engines. The first engine is a four-cylinder N47. The second engine is the six-cylinder N57. Well, at the 2016 facelift, the four-cylinder configuration model was updated to B47.

Those are some interesting things related to the BMW F30. For those of you who like the impression of a dynamic and modern, this car will greatly meet your expectations.
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