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BMW is constantly innovating in its third series, especially on the latest BMW 3 Series G20 models. This model is the seventh generation of the BMW 3 Series. It was first launched at the 2018 Paris Motor Show, and began to be marketed globally in 2019.

Well, what are the advantages of the BMW G20?
Design of the BMW G20

The BMW G20 has a bright appearance. Look at the main lights on the front that are very firm and futuristic. Very contrast with the more charming typical BMW grill. The rear is more modern and sporty, and the rear lights are pointed and much brighter than the F30 series.

Meanwhile, the body is also quite long. The wheelbase reaches 2851 mm, making it longer than its competitors. The clear lines on the side look more dynamic.

The interior itself looks very exclusive and also quite spacious, does not make us feel cramped in it. Moreover, with the adoption of the BMW Operating System 7.0, Intelligent Personal Assistant, and also the BMW Live Cockpit Professional instrument cluster.

Pinning these facilities into this car makes the driver able to run the car more easily. Because, these facilities function as steering assistants who can help you on your journey.
Featured Features

The BMW G20 is also equipped with a number of excellent features, including the BMW Intelligent Personal Assistant, which allows drivers to have personal assistants like SIRI and Alexa on mobile devices.

Other embedded features are: Over-The-Air Updates. It is very easy for the driver to update the software wirelessly.

Next is the Cluster Architecture (CLAR) platform, which is also used in the BMW 7 Series (G11) and BMW 5 Series (G30). With this platform, the control of the car is getting better, and the weight of the vehicle is reduced to 55 kilograms.
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